"I have walked the land in the footsteps of my fathers. Back in time to where the first one trod, and stopped, saw sky, felt wind, bent to touch Mother Earth.....and called this "Home." This mountain. This pine and hemlock, oak and poplar. Laurel, wild, and rhododendron. Home and mountain. Father, mother. Grow, too the sons and daughters. To walk the old paths. To look back in pride in honored heritage.  To hear its laughter and its song. To grow, to stand and be themselves, one day remembered. I have walked the land in the footsteps of all my fathers.  I saw yesterday and now look to tomorrow." (Earl Hamner)

Ord and Grant Streets, Elk Lick (now Salisbury), Pennsylvania

Salisbury Post Card
Postcard donated by Coreene Lane

Elk Lick Overlook
Postcard donated by Coreene Lane


Salisbury was founded April 15, 1795 by Joseph Markley.  The tract of land, "John's Fancy", was given to Joseph by his father John Markley. John, his wife Eva, and oldest son Jacob came from Wurtemberg, Germany in August 1749. The town had a few different names prior to becoming Salisbury. These names included Brushtown and Salsburrich. The Dutch settlers decided on the name Salsburrich because of the salt deposits in the area. When the first post office was established the name was officially changed  to Salisbury. In 1862 the borough was incorporated under the name "Elk-Lick". 

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