Maple Glen

    There was a Preaching Place at the Peck School House as early as 1850 or even earlier, and it was supplied by the Elk Lick district ministers.  John Peck, Moses W. Miller, with their wives, and Daniel and Moses Peck were the charter members. The early public school became known as Dale View; the Sunday School held in the same building was also named Dale View.  The report of the Sunday School at the first Sunday School convention, 1879, names Jacob Peck as the delegate from Dale View.  Joseph B. Sell is known to have been the superintendent on June 18, 1876.  They took up a "Penny Collection", which ranged from twenty-eight cents to a high of sixty-five cents. They had the following classes and teachers; first Bible Class, Sue Peck; second Bible Class, William Peck; first spelling Class, Solomon Hershberger; second Spelling Class, William King; first Abecedarian Class, Joel Slaughbaugh.
    A plot of ground was purchased from Solomn Hershberger and his wife Sally, in 1880 and the present church was erected.  It was dedicated to the worship of God in May, 1881. The first Love Feast was held in October, 1882.  The church was called "The Peck Congregation of Elk Lick at Savage", until December 29, 1888,when the name was changed to Maple Glen.
    The early church was presided over by elders from Markleysburg, Summit Mills and Elk Lick, including Samuel Umble, Jonathan Kelso, Joel Gnagey, and Jonas Lichty.  On September27, 1896 J. N. Davis and L. A. Peck were ordained Elders-in-Charge of the Maple Glen congregation.  Both had previously served the local church as ministers for several years.  P. S. Davis, a son of J. N. Davis, was elected to ministry on September 6, 1914.  The Brethren all served willingly, ably, and without salary.  About 1930 Maple Glen, Beachdale, Garrett, and Salisbury united in securing Guy E. Wampler as pastor. He remained until 1935 and was then followed by John D. Long, who was the pastor for three years.  A. Jay Replogle took up the work in 1938 and served until December 1, 1948.  In the spring of 1949 Ross Speichler of Accident, Maryland became the pastor.
Information taken directly from the Salisbury Centennial book.


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