Assembly of God, Boynton
Assembly of God, Boynton  

The Assembly of God Church in Boynton had its earliest beginnings around 1915
when prayer meetings were conducted in an old log house located at the spring
between Boynton and Salisbury. Ten years later the Church of God minister
came to hold services which resulted in a division of the congregation to
form another conjuration. (What would become) The Assembly of  God Church
remained an independent Church of God for 25 years.

In 1930 services were located in an old store building, later the
congregation moved its meeting place to a hall above the post office. The
Assembly of God became affiliated with the Council of the Assembly of God in
1945. They purchased an old school building in Coal Run for $300 and used the
material to build a new structure on Rt. 219 in Boynton with the men of the
church contributing their labor. Dedication services were held in 1947.

In December of 1989 a tractor trailer collided with the building due to icy
road conditions. The church was deemed to be unsafe and was torn down and
replaced with a new structure which was dedicated in 1990. Worship services
were held temporarily in the Salisbury Fire Hall. The membership has grown
from 30 to 85 members and currently attendance is 220. (March 2000)


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